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Be amazed at Taiwan's Hehuan Dark Sky Park that gives magnificent view of the galaxy

Hehuanshan officially became the first dark space park in Taiwan. It also called "a model for cooperation between local civil society and government entities."
Many tourists took pictures and almost easily photographed the Galaxy and the spectacular constellations, it now called Hehuan Mountain Dark Sky Park (HMDSP).

The Hehuanshan Dark Sky Park was originally conceived by the Taiwan Star Guardian Alliance in 2014, supported by a group of amateur astronomers. The Dark Sky Park it is achieved by combining Nantou County, Cingjing Farm, Dongshi Forest Management Office and Taroko National Park.

The Dark Sky Park Association certification is divided into gold, silver and bronze grades, which are based on the long-term measurement of the quality of the starry sky.  The quality of Hehuanshan Star is currently in the silver class. I is expected to challenge the gold certification for the long term.

Officials pointed out that the current star-gazing points include Fengfeng, Kunyang, Wuling and Xiaofengkou. When the weather is fine, not only can you see the most spectacular Milky Way nebula, but you can also see stars with a luminosity of 6.5, that. The stars are all in sight, and Sirius and the brightest planet, Jupiter are more visible.

Many star-watching enthusiasts have recently rushed up the mountain before the end of the summer season, saying that they never know that there are so many stars in the sky.


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