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Pose And Snap In The Abandoned But Picturesque Castle On A Weekend In Hsinchu

The beautiful old site has been nicknamed Buddha's World, it was built 40 years ago as a children’s theme park called Fairytale World. According to the residents, the park was once considered as beautiful as Leofoo Village Theme Park which is nearby the castle.

Fairytale World was forced to close due to issues surrounding a water-conservation ordinance and other environmental issues. It was taken over by Buddhists to use for monastic practices, became a place of solitude for the monks and nuns who lived there.

Though already abandoned, the castle still beautiful and have the details on like the fairy tale castles. The place still popular as a weekend getaway and even old the place still good for photographs.

The Buddhist group allow guests to enter free of charge but only on weekends and only between 9:00am - 3:30pm. 

The abandoned castle is located at #23 Dazhukeng, Guanxi Village, Hsinchu County (Chinese address:新竹縣關西鎮大竹坑23號)

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