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Taiwan FDA: Antiperspirant And Deodorants Are Best Applied Before Sleep

According to Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration, antiperspirant and deodorants are best applied before sleep to have long lasting effect. Antiperspirants works best on dry skin.

There is less movement during sleep and antiperspirant is most effective during those times compared when moving a lot and it stretches the effect until the next day, according to the agency.

Antiperspirants constrain sweating by blocking the ducts of sweat glands, these product consists of jelly-suspended aluminum sulfate. These products are considered as cosmetic products containing pharmaceuticals.

People who are recently shaved must not use antiperspirant as the content could enter the body and this should be applied only in small amounts in specific parts of the body.

Antiperspirants and deodorant have identical effects but have different types of chemical used, sweat glands can be found though out the body but the biggest can be found in the armpits.

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