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362 Filipinos obtained Taiwanese citizenship in 2019

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) statistics released data showing 2,325 obtained Taiwanese citizenship with 86.1 percent mentioned their spouse was Taiwanese as the reason for their change of nationality.

362 Filipinos acquired Taiwanese passport in the whole 2019. Southeast Asians occupied a share of 95.84 percent or 3,295 people of all those becoming Taiwanese last year where 90.08 percent were women.

A total of 3,438 foreign nationals obtained Taiwanese citizenship in 2019, with the vast majority coming from the Southeast Asian nations with 2,325 came from Vietnam followed by the Filipinos.

Adjustments to the law have been made since 2016 with the aim of attracting foreign skilled workers, said MOI. For instance, foreigners who have made special contributions to Taiwan or qualify as senior professionals are eligible for adopting Taiwanese nationality without having to give up their native one, in a report from Taiwan News.

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