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COVID-19 pandemic to last until the year's end or early 2021, says medical expert

While everyone is wondering when will the coronavirus pandemic will end, renowned Chinese epidemiologist Zhang Wenhong said on Saturday (June 20), that the health crisis would probably last at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2021, but warned that resurgence of the disease may reoccur.

In his Weibo account, Zhang posted an article predicting that before the month of  July will come, global coronavirus infections will reach a 10 million mark and that the only solution to the pandemic is a preventive vaccine.

However, regardless of how soon a vaccine is developed, Zhang said the earliest possibility that the pandemic will end is at the end of this year or through the first half of 2021. He added that a vaccine must be first developed and accessible for at-risk individuals, like the elderly and those who suffer from chronic illnesses.

The expert also warned in an interview, that the resurgence of the virus around the world may occur in fall but the global community must not be alarmed because according to him with the use of  protective equipment and proper preventive 
measures, the spread could be effectively contained.

To date, the total number of coronavirus cases around the world reached 9, 098,643 with 472,171 individuals who have succumbed from the disease, based on the tally of Johns Hopkins University.

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