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Han Kuo-yu removed as mayor of Kaohsiung as election recall is successful

Former Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu bows in defeat after losing an unprecedented vote recalling him as mayor of Kaohsiung City, results showed by the cable stations on Saturday (June 6).

The CNA reported that a total of 42 percent, far more than the required minimum 25 percent of eligible voters (574,996 people), showed up to cast a valid ballot and  939,090 votes have agreed to the recall motion.

As a result, Han will not be allowed to run in any mayoral election in the city for four years and he will be replaced by the central government with an interim mayor within seven days, before new mayoral elections can be took place within three months of the proclamation of Saturday’s result.

Last November 2018, Han got  890,000 votes making him mayor, fewer than the number of votes kicking him out of office Saturday. Reports said, he losed the public's support due to his failure to turn grandiose promises into real achievements. Several of his projects, including a Ferris wheel and a United States-backed amusement park, never materialized.

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