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Scientists discover flushing toilet can generate coronavirus aerosols

Even before, scientists kept on saying that flushing a toilet can produce a cloud of aerosols which can rise up to three feet and can be inhaled by the next user of the shared toilet or land on the surface of the bathroom. But apparently, the information tend to be ignored by many up to now that a new strain of coronavirus have emerged and infected millions of people around the globe.

On Tuesday (June 23), a new study was published  in the journal Physics of Fluids, proving that flushing a toilet can generate even more coronavirus particles already present in air or stool shed by the last user.

“The aerosols generated by toilets are something that we’ve kind of known about for a while, but many people have taken for granted...This study adds a lot of the evidence that everyone needs in order to take better action,” said Joshua L. Santarpia, a professor of pathology and microbiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, who has no involvement in the research.

Studies have found that coronavirus doesn't only stay in the cells of the lungs or the upper respiratory tract but also in the cell receptors in the small intestine. This is proven by patients who experienced diarrhea, nausea and vomiting among other symptoms.

With this, experts advised individuals to close the toilet lid first before triggering the flushing process. They also encourage everyone to avoid touching their face, practice hand hygiene, and wear  a mask even in the bathroom to lessen the exposure to the virus.

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