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Taiwan in danger if independence agenda continues says Harvard Professor

Taiwan's firm fight for independence may push Beijing's military to violently attack the nation island, according to a political guru from Harvard University on Saturday (May 30).

Political science professor Graham Allison said in an interview with Voice of America, Taiwan is highly at risk and may lose its current sovereignty if it will take advantage of the situation and continue its pursue of independence agenda.

Allison noted that Beijing's introduction of the new security law shows the emptiness of its "one country, two systems" proposal and indicates that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has renounced its promise to respect Hong Kong's autonomy. As a result, he said the Taiwanese authorities would naturally adopt stronger measures to escape the CCP's control and protect the country's democracy.

The U.S. would be forced to join the battle once Beijing's troops cross the Taiwan Strait, resulting to a catastrophic global warfare according to Allison.

Allison stressed out that  the reason why Taiwan is not being attacked by Beijing  is because of the CCP's uncertainty regarding the global community's response. He added that how international leaders react to Beijing's tightening grip on Hong Kong would give a glimpse of Taiwan's future, reported Liberty Times.


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