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Taiwan one of the leading countries recovering from COVID-19

As other countries stuggle from the coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan was hailed as one of the 41 countries with recovering economies, based on the  survey from a Canadian website, Visual Capitalist.

The countries and territories in the survey were divided into four categories depending on their "mobility" and "recovery" rate. Mobility was reffered by the Visual Capitalist as the countries that were allowing freedom of movement again, with limited lockdown and quarantine measures, as employees were permitted to go to work. On the other hand, recovery was defined as the decreasing number of new coronavirus infections.

Results showed that New Zealand topped the list of the countries with highest mobility and recovery rates followed by Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand closely behind.

Meanwhile, countries like United States, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, France and the United Kingdom were featured on the low-mobility and low-recovery list.

The CNA reported, data available were based on Google’s COVID-19 Community Mobility Report.  Google being banned in China explains why  the communist country at the origin of the pandemic was was excluded in the survey.

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