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Taiwan ranks 26th in global military strength index as Philippines falls to 48th

Among 138 countries, Taiwan was hailed as the 26th most powerful military force while Philippines was spotted on the 48th place in the Global Firepower's Military Strength Ranking for 2020.

With several individual factors such as nation's war-making capabilities across land, sea, and air, Taiwan set a "PowerIndex" score of 0.4008 (out of a perfect score of 0.0000) which is higher than Ukraine (0.4457)but lower than North Korea (0.3718).

On the other hand, Philippines gathered a rating of 0.7852 lower than Chile (0.7668), but surpassing Denmark who scored 0.7878.

Meanwhile, the US topped the list once again with a score of 0.0606, followed by Russia, 0.0681, and China, 0.0691. To complete the list, Bhutan was sitted on the 138th place with a  PwrIndx* rating of 10.1681.

Global Firepower is a platform providing unique analytical display of data concerning modern military powers since 2006.

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