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Taiwan reports additional hantavirus case, bringing the country total to 7

Taiwan now has seven cases of hantavirus as a woman in Kaoshiung  has been infected after being bitten by a rat at her workplace.

The woman who is a restaurant worker in the southern port city is also the fifth case of hantavirus in Kaoshiung. On April 18, the woman was reportedly bitten by a rat while working and later on exhibited symptoms of the disease such as fever, headache, muscle pain, chill, and excessive fatigue.

As preventive measures, the health authorities in Kaohsiung have set up traps to catch rats around the patient's neighborhood and workplace. People were also advised to  sterilize using diluted bleach the areas that are most probably contaminated with rodents.

According to government data, of the seven total cases of the country, five came from Kaohsiung, one from New Taipei City, and another one from Keelung City.

Hantavirus is contracted through contact with urine, saliva, droppings, or bites of infected rodents and often begins as a flu-like illness. Symptoms appear within one to five weeks after exposure, according to CCOHS.

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