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Taiwanese legislator urges government to ban China security products

The Taiwanese government was urged by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Lin Chun-hsien on Wednesday (June 17), to ban the purchase of and remove information security and communications products from companies that maintain close ties with Beijing, China.

Lin said, although Taiwan has already prevented Chinese companies from bidding and participating auctions for government projects, there are still some getting through by appearing to be a US-based firm but actually owned by Chinese immigrants like Fortinet and Zoom.

He added, that these two companies have a close relation to Beijing and follow orders from Chinese government resulting to fears of security breaches.

"Taiwan should beware of these companies, which on the surface are US firms, but in reality follow orders from Beijing,” Lin said. We should not procrastinate on dealing with this issue, as Taiwan, of all countries, faces the severest national security threat from China."

In response, according to the Executive Yuan’s Department of Cyber Security, they would be listing the Chinese information security and communications equipment that government agencies are currently using and keep them informed about security breach incidents.

Meanwhile, due to surrounding security issues, the US and several other countries have already banned the use of information and communications products from China.

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