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Taiwan COVID-19 swab tests had changed to a simpler deep-throat saliva tests

Travelers arriving in all airports in Taiwan who have to be tested for COVID-19 will be given deep-throat saliva tests instead of the traditional throat swab tests according to Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

The deep-throat saliva tests already in the use since the start of September which the test process was already adapted in Japan and Hong Kong with bith tests have similar sensitivities.

CECC spokesman Chuang Jen-hsiang noted that the the change will make the testing process less uncomfortable and reduce the burden of health care professionals.

Deep-throat saliva tests can be conducted by the person being tested simply by spitting into a bottle, CECC said.

Panel of experts concluded that deep-throat saliva tests would still be accurate while allowing medical workers to focus on other matters.

People taking the deep-throat saliva test should start by wearing a mask and sanitizing their hands and then clear their throats, keep the saliva in their mouths for one minute, take off their masks, and spit the saliva into the collection bottle, CECC said.

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