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23 nursing home patients, dead after being vaccinated with Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Norway officials have changed their advisory on who can be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. This follows after the deaths of 23 people few days after being vaccinated with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, 29 patients experienced side effects, 13 of which were fatal after vaccination. The victims were ill and over 80 years of age.

It is learned that about 30,000 people have already received their first vaccine shot in Norway.

The government was not alarmed by the incident.

"We are not alarmed by this. It is quite clear that these vaccines have very little risk, with a small exception for the frailest patients," said Steinar Madsen, medical director.

Common reactions to the vaccine, including fever and nausea, "may have contributed to a fatal outcome in some frail patients," said Sigurd Hortemo, chief physician of the Norwegian Medicines Agency, reported by NY Post.



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