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Direct Hiring in Taiwan: OSE in Kaohsiung now hiring factory workers, production workers

Company: Orient Semiconductor Electronics

Company Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Position: Factory Worker

The posting is for Filipino workers with expiring contracts and ready to transfer.

Check below job ad:

About OSE:

Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE) orients itself around two main businesses. Its Semiconductor Group provides semiconductor packaging and testing services, through which it prepares clients' unpackaged microchips for shipment. 

The Finished Products Group offers contract manufacturing services, through which OSE builds electronic gear on behalf of other companies. OSE has manufacturing facilities in the Philippines, Taiwan, and the US, with a sales office in Japan.

*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned broker/recruitment agency.



  1. I joemar Espinas 31 years old ex abroard (Taiwan) willing to apply factory worker

  2. I am interested in applying, I have been able to work in Taiwan as well as in Kaohsiung city, I have been a fisherman for more than two years, I just came home now. how to apply

  3. Please ivm interested can you tell me how to apply

  4. I want to work can you tell me how

  5. I want to work. Can you tell me how?

  6. I am Willing to apply im ready for transfer..

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. how to apply i dont have any experience of working abroad but i want job thank you

  9. Im interested how to apply.?

  10. How can I apply ma'am /sir?


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