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Fast-food employee cries after getting yelled and cursed by rude customer

 An employee from a fast-food restaurant in Batangas City cannot help but to burst into tears after a drive-thru customer cursed and shouted at her for unknown reason.

According to Zari Frillez who shared the story in Facebook, the employee from Jollibee, a fast-food chain, is just doing her job when a customer suddenly yell at her.

The employee did not fight back but heartbreakingly cried and just narrated the story to Frillez.

“Shoutout sa kostomer sa drive tru ng Jollibee kumintang (Batangas) na may plate number na ••• 744 di lang namen nakuha ung letter sa plate number pero may CCTV naman ung drive thru ng Jollibee, na Sinigaw-sigawan si ateng naka duty sa drive thru na walang nagawa kundi mapaiyak at mag sumbong samen," Frillez wrote on.

"Di nyo alam kung gaanong pagod ang ginagawa ng mga taong to sa ganitong oras at panahon para makapag trabaho ng maayos tas babastusin at mumurahin nyo lang," she added.

Netizens who saw the Facebook post also showed empathy to the employee and hope to identify the rude customers to teach them a lesson.


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