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Formosa Plastics Group to give year-end bonus equivalent to 3.66 months of salary


Formosa Plastics Group (FPG), one of the leading group of companies in Taiwan said  that it has decided to pay its employees a year-end bonus of 3.66 months' wages.

A bonus of 3.66 months' pay would be more than the 3.5 months' salary expected by the workers' unions of the group's four subsidiaries, CNA reported.

Employees from Formosa Plastics Corp., Nan Ya Plastics Corp., Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp. and Formosa Petrochemical Corp will receive such bonus.

FPG's year-end bonuses are usually closely watched by the market, because they tend to set the trend in Taiwan's old economy industrial sector.

FPG President Wang Wen-yuan (王文淵) is expected to meet with representatives of the workers' unions soon to officially announce the decision on the year-end bonuses, the company said.

On top of the bonus, the conglomerate is likely to add a cash gift, which was NT$20,000 per employee last year.

The company said its electronics material operations, which account for 43.8 percent of its total sales, got a boost from 5G applications and a booming stay-at-home economy.



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