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Makati Chief of Police, admits fault on Christine Dacera's case

 The Makati Chief of Police PCOL Harold Depositar admitted its  fault on its statement regarding the case Christine Dacera and those people wrongfully inclided for rape with homicide.

"It is with deep regret that my actions has caused great deal of damages to the integrity of my organization (the PNP) and pain both to the family of Ms. Dacera and those people I wrongfully implicated for Rape with Homicide" Makati Chief said in a facebook post.

He admits his assumptions on the case were wrong and that media pronouncement were made without basis, medico legal report of PNP crimelab.

Makati Chief of Police, sincerely apologize to Chief PNP, to my Regional Director, and to the President for the embarrassment he caused the PNP for the wrongful appreciation of the case and for premature issuing baseless statement.

He also apologize for the outrage that caused to the Filipino people for the media pronouncement that led to confusion and loss of trust and confidence of the people to my own organization (the PNP).

"Effective this day, I am tendering my leave of absence to give way to investigation should the leadership deem it proper. I am also submitting myself to disciplinary procedure and to the wisdom of the leadership of the PNP" Makati Chief Harold said.



  1. Dapat lang na mag leave ka or mg resign kana para maibalik ang tiwala ng madla sa PNP.ako mismo, frm d very start, di naniniwala na may rape, or gang rape na nangyari, at patayan na ngyare. U need to be very careful dhil dina tayo makalumang panahon. May social media na na madaling humatol ang mga tao ayon sa naririnig at nababasa na mga statements galing sa mga nasa kapangyarihan. Kawawa naman ang mga inosenteng tao na nadadamay.

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  3. A good example as a cop, "ang nagpapakababa ay itinataas, at ang nagpapakataas ay ibinababa."


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