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Mayor Sarah Duterte, to supporters who want her to run for president to wait until 2034

 Sara Duterte-Carpio, Mayor of Davao City, called on those who want her to run for president to wait until 2034, after circulating paraphernalia asking her to run in the next national elections.

Calendars were allegedly circulated in Quezon City with the words "Run, Sara, Run for President for 2022," and there's even an activity in Davao de Oro comprises a large streamer with the message, "Run, Sara, Run."

“I understand where they are coming from. I too am anxious where we are going as a nation. I am always grateful that I have their trust and confidence,” the Davao City mayor said.

“I am pleading to them to please allow me to run for President in 2034, if at that time there is something I can do to help the country. Thank you.” Sarah Duterte added.

The daughter of the President has consistently said that she has no intention of pursuing the presidency in 2022.

She also warned the public not to give to organizations next year which are fundraising for her speculated candidacy.


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