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National ID System- What, Why and How you can get one

 In August 2018, the president signed the National ID Law to streamline the national identification system reducing corruption, enhancing governance, and serving as a tool to keep the public safe. 

The Philippine Identification System (Philsys) implementation is on the horizon, and the initial registration has already begun back in  October 2020.

Now that its launch is finally set in stone, here is everything that you need to know about it.

The National ID system this is the bill that enacted a centralized identification system of Filipino citizens and residents states that the national ID system of the country will be called the “Philippine Identification System” or “Philsys.”

It’s a single ID card that can be used as proof of identification for all transactions in the country, whether it’s by a government agency or a private institution. Once this is implemented, Filipinos both here and abroad (OFWs and Dual Citizens) will be required to register.

All Filipino citizens are automatically eligible to get a National ID, including Overseas Filipino Workers, dual citizens residing in another country, and even foreigners.



  1. Paano po mag apply ng national id?

  2. Paano poh ba mka apply ng national ID?

  3. In abroad where to get national ID? How and what are the requirements... Thank you.

  4. Where we can avail the National Identification Card or System ?

  5. san ba pwede kumuha ng national i.d


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