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Taiwan Lottery scratch game includes NT$20millions, NT$2millions prizes with BMW SUV

Taiwan Lottery Co., Ltd. rolled out their Lunar New Year special edition lottery scratch which include prizes of NT$20 millions, NT$2 millions and a brand new BMW SUV.

The five versions contain a total of 545 prizes of over NT$1 million, a record high for a single round.l according to Taiwan Lottery General Manager Eric Tsai which he announced in a press conference.

Tsai added that the total number of prizes in the round reaches 11,580,000, with prize money totaling NT$11.3 billion.

Additionally, a total of 520 winner of NT$1 million third prizes, which is 120 more than last year and a a minimum winning prize of NT$1,000.

The top prizes in the new game are three jackpots of NT$20 million each, seven second prizes of NT$2 million each along with an BMW SUV — the X1 sDrive18i.

Ticket prizes ranging from NT$100 to NT$500.



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