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25-year-old OFW shares how she builds P2.7 million-worth dream house in just 2 years


To inspire many overseas Filipino workers, a 25-year-old former factory worker in Japan shared how she was able to build her dream house amounting P2.7 million in  just a span of two years.

In her Youtube vlog, Rona Mae Pancho or much known as "Rona the Explorer," detailed her journey from the day that she started working as an OFW in Japan up to the time that she was able to save money for the construction of her dream home.

According to Pancho, they were just sharing rent to her grandmother before leaving for abroad. This could probably be one of the reasons why she decided to work outside the country.

In 2013, she was able to land a job in Japan together with her husband. As time went by, little by little she was able to save money until she bought a 400 square meter lot.

After two years, she and her husband have finally started the construction of their house. Pancho said that their family helped them especially in sourcing high-quality but affordable materials for  their home.

When they thought everything was going fine, Pancho and her family encountered some problems causing the construction to be halted. Fortunately, she was able to bounce back until her dream home was completed.

All in all, the OFW’s dream house cost P2.7 million. Who would have imagined that in just two years of working someone would be able to have his or her own home.


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