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90-year-old grandmother eats garbage foods in street for daily meal


The photo of the 90-year-old grandma goes viral after they share it on Facebook; we all know that in our world, once you post anything on social media, it can go viral almost instantly because it is too convenient to get support from others.


The grandmother is Lola Lucin, and the concerned netizen is Jun Butac, who claims that he saw Lola Lucin in Maanteng Solsona, Ilocos Norte, and because they are concerned about her situation, which is why they posted on social media to seek assistance from others.


They said in their post that Lola Lucin is suffering in life, which is why she is looking for food in the trash on the street to feed her tummy every day, and that she fits the food into the entire day.


Lola Lucin is still lonely in life, but she has no choice but to persevere in order to feed and live on a regular basis, despite her advanced age because of social media, some people who wanted to support Lola Lucin discovered about it quickly. Ma'am Rona is said to have assisted Lola Lucin in her search for help.


Grandma Lucin is in a terrible condition. Lola Lucin smiled when she was approached for assistance. Having someone to assist her is a gift.


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