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Factory worker gets bullied because of his meal everyday


Just because of his  everyday meal, a hardworking man has to endure all the hateful comments and criticisms coming from all the people around him.

This is the story of Raul, an 8-year factory worker who usually gets bullied because of him having eggs and "tuyo" or dried fish in his everyday meal, even during his pay day.

According to Raul, he has to save money for his family that is why he cannot afford to buy expensive meals or things for himself.

However, because of this, he is always getting laughed at by his colleagues. He also hears a lot of hurtful words most of the time but what he can only do is to smile with them.

One time, his co-workers noticed that Raul was not going to his work anymore until one day they saw him again, not as an ordinary factory worker but as their supervisor. 

May this serve as a reminder to us that we should not judge people based on the things they have. Many are sacrificing their own life and happiness just to earn money and not just to be laughed at.


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