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Father requests 'ayuda' to pay for son's burial in Rizal


A father who works as a street vendor from Binangonan, Rizal lost his source of income cause by enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and now is requesting money to bury his son.

The street vendaor is Lerwen Lasac that his only chance to get money is the financial assistance from the national government.

Sadly, he is not on the list of beneficiaries of the national government's financial assistance (ayuda).

Lasac requests ti the govenment officials to include him on the list of ayuda just to pay for the burial of his son.

"We are appealing to President Duterte and the municipal government of Binangonan to include us on the list of those who will get the assistance,”he said.

The grieving father said that the P8,000 burial fee for his son, Anghel, who died a day after his birth on April 2, had not yet been charged.

"I can't go back to vending to cover my debts and no one will buy my stuff because of the ECQ,” Lasac told Manila Bulletin.

Since the imposition of ECQ, the street food vendor said that he wishes to return to work in order to support his family.


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