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Filipina immigrant was randomly attacked in NYC, security guard shuts doors on her

On Monday, an elderly Filipina immigrant was randomly attacked in New York City's Midtown Manhattan, the latest in a series of racist assaults against Asian Americans.

According to the New York Police District (NYPD) investigation, the 65-year-old Filipino woman was walking along 360 West 43rd Street on Monday when an officer entered her and kicked her several times.

According to authorities that the attacker reportedly made "anti-Asian statements" to the woman while kicking her and shouting “You have no right to be here.”

Bystanders on the scene in a video shared online simply watched without intervening. A security guard from a house nearby, where the incident occurred, even refused to assist the woman and also shut the door behind her.

The victim, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital with several injuries and a broken pelvis. The perpetrator has yet to be identified, and authorities have pleaded to those with information to come forward.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York said the crime was becoming a national "epidemic" that "must end now."

There have also been many marches in support of Asian-American groups. New York mayoral candidates and the Reverend Al Sharpton, an outspoken Black rights leader, were among those who attended.


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