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Lola who falls asleep while selling vegetables breaks many netizen's heart


Many netizens felt emotional after seeing some pictures of an old woman who fell asleep while doing her job as a vendor.

In the pictures that surfaced online, it can be seen that an old woman around 70 to 80 years old is lying in a corner in front of her vegetables which she sells for a living.

With this, many netizens cannot help but to express their pity and sympathy to the old woman who still works hard in spite of her age.

"Mga dadaan sa harap ng paninda ni lola bilhan nmn ninyo mlpit lng si lola sa amin bibilhin ko yan khit araw2 akong kumain gulay matungan ko lng si lola," wrote one netizen.

May this story remind us that many vendors are enduring so much just to earn for a living. Instead of us asking for discounts, it is better if we would just support their products especially if their price is reasonable enough.


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