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Man violates curfew hour, gets push up as punishment eventually dies


Darren, a man who was only buying water outside and violating curfew hours, was captured by the police and asked for 100 push ups. He eventually became weak and died.


According to Reichelyn Balce the wife of Darren , that 6:00 in the evening  he is buying water outside because water station nearby is closed that why he force to find in somewhere and caught by the police because he violated curfew hours.


The police punish Darren to pumping and push up 100x but Darren has a heart disease and he did not told to the police that he has heart disease.


Based on the interview P/LT.COL. Marlo Solero that they did not command Darren to take the 100 push ups and Raffy Tulfo said that before they go to exercise the police must ask the violators if they can do it or is they are healthy to do it.


“ We cannot arrest the ECQ violators if you want to teach them a lesson police don’t have to force the violators to do the exercise, they must perform community service if needed so that they can learn their offenses” PBGen. Ildebradi Usana said on interview in Raffy Tulfo in Action.


Raffy tulfo request to Usana to investigate Marlo Solero because he is lying  and other police man involve  in punishing Darren, they need a seminar for the next time thy make it right.


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