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Pres. Duterte honors 'selfless and dedicated' frontliners in pandemic response


On Friday, President Duterte paid tribute to the “selfless and dedicated” front-line workers in the country's pandemic response, as well as the country's war veterans' heroism.

He said Araw ng Kagitingan was "a strong reminder of the Filipino's unyielding resolve to triumph over all kinds of hardship" in a video message aired on a state-run TV network.

According to Pres. Duterte that the efforts of the front-liners, represent the heroism shown by Filipinos who fought invaders in the past.

“As we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, we take a moment to honor the bravery of our selfless and dedicated front-line warriors, whose unwavering devotion in this fight represents the heroism of the Bataan warriors, who continue to inspire in us a deeper sense of patriotism and unity through these hard times,” he added.

The country's medical staff has been dealing with an influx of patients, and many of them have been infected with the virus.

“Today, we pay tribute to our fallen heroes, whose bravery solidified our determination to protect our most prized liberty. Let this awareness reverberate among us as we aspire to be worthy heirs to the country for which they fought and died,” he said.

Lord Allan Velasco, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, paid tribute to war veterans and modern-day heroes in the struggle against the raging pandemic, and urged Filipinos to do their utmost not to contribute to the burdens of health workers by remaining safe and following health precautions.

Velasco said in a statement that health-care personnel showed the same determination and courage as war veterans by risking their health and lives to help Filipinos suffering from the disease.


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