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Pres. Duterte willing to support local companies in making vaccines

The Government encourages local companies to develop own vaccines in the Philippines. According to Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez, that government is interacting to the companies.

"So at DTI, we started together with DOST and together with our other agencies, FDA, DOH, talking to companies who can possibly start commercializing and manufacturing vaccines in the country so that we are not totally dependent on vaccine imports," Lopez said on public briefing.

They explain that need something to support the company with speed processing to the documents and they ensure that the government prioritize buying what they can produce rather than importing vaccines.

“Green lane on getting government permits. They will subscribe to all requirements and submit all the documents and need to prioritize speed process to put up the plant here," Lopez said.

"Second, of course, everyone who enters here also has a risk involved, especially if they enter and then the government will also buy abroad. So here we would like to encourage government procurement of locally produced vaccines, subject to standards, specs and prices." Lopez added.

President Rodrigo Duterte said that, this government procurement of locally produced is subject to standard specs and prices, even if it is easy if you work on it. I don’t think it would take about one hour or you work in the office.

They admitted that our government is one of the reason why struggling in getting COVID-19 vaccines bacuase we dont have skill to make our own vaccines, we just depends on supply from manufacturers in the other country.


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