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Taiwan named as the most dangerous place on earth per London-base magazine The Economist

London-base international magazine The Economist named Taiwan as the "most dangerous place on earth" as it becomes "an arena for the rivalry between China and the United States."

The magazine said in an article that the U.S.' "strategic ambiguity" over Taiwan's security is breaking down and the U.S. is coming to fear that it may no longer be able to deter China from seizing Taiwan by force.

"Although the United States is not treaty-bound to defend Taiwan, a Chinese assault would be a test of America's military might and its diplomatic and political resolve," quoted from Phil Davidson, chief of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, as saying that China may attack Taiwan before 2027.

The article suggested that Taiwan must start to devote fewer resources to expensive weapons that are vulnerable to Chinese missiles and more to tactics and technologies that would frustrate an invasion.

The article did not offer any suggestions or analysis of how all sides - the U.S., China and Taiwan - can reduce tensions and find a diplomatic solution.

The Economist article ended by saying: "Nowhere presents such a test of statesmanship as the most dangerous place on Earth."


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