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VP Leni Robredo asked government to rush a website for hospital room vacancies


Vice President Leni Robredo said to government that to urgent established a websites for the hospital room vacancies to give the patient a real time updates.

Leni Robredo mentioned on her post in Facebook that most of COVID-19 patients died while finding for vacant hospital rooms.

"Im hoping that urgent website, It is Doable, we need to help our COVID-19 patients many Filipinos died cause of lack of rooms," Robredo said.

Robredo said that the system was overwhelming although she acknowledge that Department of Health One hospital sai it has been helpful.

“The hotlines are difficult to access and in emergency situations, every minute, every second counts,” She said.

“I have been proposing a site where people can just visit to check which hospitals can still accommodate them and how long the waiting line is. I was told there is already an existing one. I checked the site and there are no real-time updates and people won t have an idea which hospitals still have vacancies.”Robredo added.

80 percent of hospital beds in the National Capital Region are occupied, with 72 percent of isolation beds utilized, and 63 percent of ventilators used. 


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