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ASE came under close watch for forcing migrant workers back to dorms amid outbreak

Taiwan company Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) in Chungli, Taoyuan ordered migrant workers to return to company from their private rented apartment to the its dormitories or face penalties, despite the country's ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

The published story came from the international British newspaper The Guardian. Three such demerits are punishable by dismissal, The Guardian's report said.

ASE employees told The Guardian that they share bathroom facilities with workers on different shifts or workers from other companies at company dormitories.

Migrant workers believe that forcing them to live in the dormitories puts them at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 than if they stayed in their own homes and practiced social distancing.

A spokeswoman for ASE defended the company's new policy, arguing it is intended "to protect them from further exposure outside, as well as to prevent cross-infections."

The spokeswoman said the dormitories are regularly disinfected, and the company is arranging more dormitory accommodation with the goal of keeping the number of individuals per room to four, CNA reported.


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