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Innolux to give NT$7,000-8,000 bonus monthly to its migrants after 0 tested positive of COVID-19

After the outbreak of infection by foreign employees in KYEC, the neighboring Innolux Zhunan factory also urgently announced the diversion to work at home and quickly screened migrant employees in the factory. 

Innolux announced that foreign colleagues in the Zhunan factory finished screening for COVID-19 and result are all passed safely and the production line is operating normally.

Innolux has implemented strict epidemic prevention management. In particular, foreign workerd in Zhunan plant are provided with a "Collaborative Epidemic Prevention Home Bonus" of NT$7000-8000 per month to thank them  for cooperating with epidemic prevention measures and staying in the dormitory during the holidays. 

Innolux continues to actively cooperate with the government's anti-epidemic policy to adjust the latest anti-epidemic measures in a rolling manner. 

The entire plant continues to implement strict anti-epidemic management, and will further strengthen the promotion of anti-epidemic regulations to ensure  the health and safety of colleagues.



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