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Business leader in Taiwan disagree on minimum wage increase amid pandemic

Taiwan business leader opposed the rise of minimum wage in the country, instead the group are calling for special aid for companies hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

There should be no rise this year as too many companies have suffered under the pandemic according to Lin Po-feng, leader of one of Taiwan’s top business groups.

He advocated tax cuts to help businesses in trouble and subsidies to be spent on training, salaries, and assistance to employees on unpaid leave. 

A Minimum Wage Review Committee formed by representatives of government, employers, unions and experts meets to decide the fate of the minimum wage.

The committee will decide whether the monthly minimum salary of NT$24,000 (US$865) and the hourly wage of NT$160 should be raised on the first day of next year.

Adjustments to the basic wage reflect the rate of economic growth and uncertainty over the pandemic according to a scholar.


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