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Taiwan economic minister supports minimum wage increase amid pandemic

Taiwan's Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua said that there should be a minimum wage increase as the country and groups prepares for the annual decision.

Special measures to help businesses reliant on domestic consumption are in place for a raise in a minimum wage increase. It is only logical to have a raise according to the minister.

“With estimated GDP growth of 5.88 percent [forecast by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics], it is hard not to raise the minimum wage,” Wang said. “However, due to the impact of the local COVID-19 outbreak, many domestic businesses are in rough shape.”

Annually, a review committee formed by representatives of government, employers, unions and experts meets to decide the fate of the minimum wage.

Last year's decision was decided that the minimum wage increased by 0.84 percent from NT$23,800 to NT$24,000 and the hourly wage by 1.3 percent to NT$160.

Wang said in a interview that due to the excellent performance of the manufacturing sector this year, it would be normal to see the minimum wage rise, CNA reported.

Meanwhile, Labor Minister Hsu Ming-chun said she hoped the next increase would be higher than the previous one


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