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2 migrant workers fine NT$270,000 by leaving quarantine room for 1 minute

A fine of NT270,000 were axed to two Indonesian migrant worker for goong out of their quarantine room for one minute and the employer must settle the said fine.

The two workers came out of the qurantine room to buy some food.

After the two walked to the hotel lobby, they were found to have violated the regulations by the hotel, and immediately asked the two to return to the room. 

Although they left for just one minute, they violated the epidemic prevention regulations and were fined by the health bureau in accordance with the regulations.

The Kaohsiung Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA) under the Ministry of Justice (AEA Kaohsiung) found that both of them were working in a fishing company in Kaohsiung City. 

The employer was worried that the fishing work might be greatly affected by the arrears of the two, and finally came forward to help the two Indonesians. The fishermen paid the fine. (Photo: Kaohsiung Administrative Agency)


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