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Taiwan Premier says: No Shanghai-like lockdown despite rising COVID-19 cases

Taiwan will not go into a Shanghai-like lockdown, Premier Su Tseng-chang said in a report from Reuters. He is pledging to keep opening up the country.

Lockdown is to control a rise in domestic COVID-19 cases, but the premier saya no as the vast majority of those infected have no symptoms or show only minor symptoms.

Taiwan has been dealing with a spike in local cases. Backed by a high vaccination rate, the government has been promoting the "new Taiwan model."

“We will gradually deal with it and won’t be like Shanghai and go into lockdown, but we also won’t immediately stop wearing face masks and not take anti-pandemic measures," Su said.

Taiwan is learning to gradually live with the virus and avoiding shutting down the economy.

More vaccines and rapid tests were on their way to help cope with the uptick in infections to "prepare for the next steps in re-opening."

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