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Birth, death at marriage certificate now approved as permanent valid or lifetime valid

The validity of birth, death and marriage certificates issued and certified by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and the National Statistics Office (NSO) is approved now a law.

It is stated that certificates of live birth, death, and marriage issued, signed, certified or authenticated by the PSA and its predecessor, the NSO, and the local civil registries shall have permanent validity regardless of the date of issuance.

It also stated that it shall be recognized and accepted in all government or private transactions or services requiring submission thereof, as proof of identity and legal status of a person.

These certificates are permanently valid as long as the documents remain intact and contain legible authenticity and security features.

The law seeks to ban and punish this with jail time ranging from one month and a day to six months, or a fine of at least P5,000 to P10,000, or both. Government officials who violates


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