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New virus called Langya Virus now spreading in China

A new virus is now spreading in China, the country of origin of the global pandemic coronavirus disease.

Dozens have been affected by the new novel Langya henipavirus (LayV), which was first recorded in the north-eastern provinces of Shandong and Henan in 2018 but was only identified by scientists now, according to The Guardian report.

The virus probably originated in animals and was transmitted to humans, according to scientists.

Some people also developed blood cell abnormalities and impaired liver and kidney functions.

Researchers examined wild animals and found LayV viral RNA in shrews.

Patients were mostly farmers and cases were found with help from a detection system for people with acute fever and a history of animal exposure.

Nearly three dozen people in China have been sickened by the newly identified virus from the same family as the deadly Nipah and Hendra viruses, though there is no evidence that the pathogen can be passed from person-to-person.


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