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OFW Pinoy killed his Pinay girlfriend in Taiwan

A 29 year old Filipino migrant worker accidentally killed her 27 year old girlfriend (a Filipina), he strangled his girlfriend on the spot after a quarrel. 

The suspect and his 27-year-old Filipino girlfriend met at a hotel in Zhubei to discuss 'marriage', but the two broke down instead.

He was angry and accidentally strangled his girlfriend.

He found that his girlfriend was not breathing and was so frightened that he immediately called 119 and asked an ambulance to come for first aid.

When the ambulance arrived, they found Him kneeling beside the bed and his girlfriend had been dead, they immediately notified the police to investigate.

As for the detailed cause of the incident, the police are investigating and clarifying.

He was dissatisfied with his girlfriend's long-term reluctance to get married. He proposed many times but did not get a 'yes.'

Due to the continous denial of the girl to get married,
he accidentally strangled his girlfriend to death.

The male migrant worker confessed that he accidentally strangled his girlfriend because of the quarrel.

According to preliminary investigation, there were no signs of fighting at the scene, and there were no obvious wounds on the two bodies. Whether there were any doubts about the use of drugs and alcohol, the police still  to investigate.

It is understood that although the the man and his girlfriend are Filipinos, since the murder happened in Hsinchu, we still have jurisdiction in terms of territorialism.


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