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Lola who falls asleep while selling vegetables breaks many netizen's heart


Many netizens felt emotional after seeing some pictures of an old woman who fell asleep while doing her job as a vendor.

In the pictures that surfaced online, it can be seen that an old woman around 70 to 80 years old is lying in a corner in front of her vegetables which she sells for a living.

With this, many netizens cannot help but to express their pity and sympathy to the old woman who still works hard in spite of her age.

"Mga dadaan sa harap ng paninda ni lola bilhan nmn ninyo mlpit lng si lola sa amin bibilhin ko yan khit araw2 akong kumain gulay matungan ko lng si lola," wrote one netizen.

May this story remind us that many vendors are enduring so much just to earn for a living. Instead of us asking for discounts, it is better if we would just support their products especially if their price is reasonable enough.


Pres. Duterte willing to support local companies in making vaccines

The Government encourages local companies to develop own vaccines in the Philippines. According to Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez, that government is interacting to the companies.

"So at DTI, we started together with DOST and together with our other agencies, FDA, DOH, talking to companies who can possibly start commercializing and manufacturing vaccines in the country so that we are not totally dependent on vaccine imports," Lopez said on public briefing.

They explain that need something to support the company with speed processing to the documents and they ensure that the government prioritize buying what they can produce rather than importing vaccines.

“Green lane on getting government permits. They will subscribe to all requirements and submit all the documents and need to prioritize speed process to put up the plant here," Lopez said.

"Second, of course, everyone who enters here also has a risk involved, especially if they enter and then the government will also buy abroad. So here we would like to encourage government procurement of locally produced vaccines, subject to standards, specs and prices." Lopez added.

President Rodrigo Duterte said that, this government procurement of locally produced is subject to standard specs and prices, even if it is easy if you work on it. I don’t think it would take about one hour or you work in the office.

They admitted that our government is one of the reason why struggling in getting COVID-19 vaccines bacuase we dont have skill to make our own vaccines, we just depends on supply from manufacturers in the other country.


DSWD chief admits ‘slow start’ in distribution of cash aid in ‘NCR Plus’


Secretary Rolando Bautista of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) amitted that the distribution of cash aid or 'ayuda' in affected area in lockdown that they called National Capital Region Plus said on Monday.

Bautista said during the pre-recorded meeting of the member of Inter-Agency Task Force on emerging COVID-19 diseases together with President Duterte, that merely 8% of funds gave for the program has already distributed.

Over 1.7 million of more than 22.9 million beneficiaries in NCR Plus including Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, and Bulacan.

“As you can see, the rollout was very slow to begin with. Like we saw last year, things got off to a late start this year. However, after four or five days, the quicker delivery of special assistance began,” Bautista explained.

Earlier, President Duterte approves the P1,000 for the individual cash that affect by the lockdwon in NCR Plus and more members of family can recieve the cash aid more than P4,000.


Man violates curfew hour, gets push up as punishment eventually dies


Darren, a man who was only buying water outside and violating curfew hours, was captured by the police and asked for 100 push ups. He eventually became weak and died.


According to Reichelyn Balce the wife of Darren , that 6:00 in the evening  he is buying water outside because water station nearby is closed that why he force to find in somewhere and caught by the police because he violated curfew hours.


The police punish Darren to pumping and push up 100x but Darren has a heart disease and he did not told to the police that he has heart disease.


Based on the interview P/LT.COL. Marlo Solero that they did not command Darren to take the 100 push ups and Raffy Tulfo said that before they go to exercise the police must ask the violators if they can do it or is they are healthy to do it.


“ We cannot arrest the ECQ violators if you want to teach them a lesson police don’t have to force the violators to do the exercise, they must perform community service if needed so that they can learn their offenses” PBGen. Ildebradi Usana said on interview in Raffy Tulfo in Action.


Raffy tulfo request to Usana to investigate Marlo Solero because he is lying  and other police man involve  in punishing Darren, they need a seminar for the next time thy make it right.


Tricycle na proudly gawang Pinoy, nakitang tumawid sa Golden Gate Bridge sa Amerika


Isang Pinoy-made tricycle ang viral ngayon online matapos itong makitang tumawid sa kilalang Golden Gate Bridge sa San Francisco, California sa Amerika.

Motorcycle lovers na sina Mike Arcega at Paolo Asuncion ang mastermind sa pagbuo ng tricycle na ito doon. Galing pa ng Pilipinas ang sidecar na ginamit dito.

Ang "TNT Traysikel" ay tinagurian na mobile public artwork na nagooperate bilang cultural marker for the SOMA Pilipinas Cultural Heritage District sa San Francisco.

Gumawa ng history ang TNT Traysikel bilang unang Pinoy tricycle na dumaa sa kilalang bridge sa Amerika, kasama sa ride nila ang 60 pang mga Pinoy doon.


Larawan: Mike Arcega and Paolo Asuncion


Father requests 'ayuda' to pay for son's burial in Rizal


A father who works as a street vendor from Binangonan, Rizal lost his source of income cause by enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and now is requesting money to bury his son.

The street vendaor is Lerwen Lasac that his only chance to get money is the financial assistance from the national government.

Sadly, he is not on the list of beneficiaries of the national government's financial assistance (ayuda).

Lasac requests ti the govenment officials to include him on the list of ayuda just to pay for the burial of his son.

"We are appealing to President Duterte and the municipal government of Binangonan to include us on the list of those who will get the assistance,”he said.

The grieving father said that the P8,000 burial fee for his son, Anghel, who died a day after his birth on April 2, had not yet been charged.

"I can't go back to vending to cover my debts and no one will buy my stuff because of the ECQ,” Lasac told Manila Bulletin.

Since the imposition of ECQ, the street food vendor said that he wishes to return to work in order to support his family.


Harry Roque rush in hospital for COVID-19 treatment

On Saturday, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque was rushed to the hospital after contracting the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

In a press statement sent to Palace reporters, Roque confirmed the news. “I've been admitted to a hospital for Covid therapy. This means that Covid-19 is now more transmissible, and we must take extra precautions,” he said.

Roque did not say where he is hospitalized or when his most recent Covid-19 test was. He revealed on March 15 that he had tested positive for Covid-19 and that he was asymptomatic.

Roque announced on March 25 that he had recovered from the disease after completing his quarantine and receiving a negative test result.

To avoid contracting the virus again, he said he would restrict his visits to public places, including hospitals.

In the two weeks leading up to his first positive Covid-19 examination, Roque visited at least seven hospitals.

He requested prayers for anyone who has been infected with the coronavirus. “I am requesting your heartfelt prayers for all those affected by Covid-19 in the United States and around the world. “May God continue to bless and protect us all,” he said.

Despite his health, Roque stated that the quarantine status of the National Capital Region Plus (NCR Plus) will be announced after April 11.

On Saturday afternoon, the latest quarantine classification in NCR Plus is expected to be revealed.

Due to the rising number of Covid-19 infections, Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal, or the so-called "NCR Plus," are under the most stringent enhanced group quarantine until April 11.


Manager, member of Apo Hiking Society, Butch Dans passes away at 69

Butch Dans, a veteran talent manager who helped establish the Apo Hiking Society and breathed new life into Original Pilipino Music, dies at 69 years old.

His son Anton Dans told ABS-CBN News that his father died peacefully in his sleep at 6:15 a.m. Thursday, surrounded by relatives at their home in Quezon City, due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Dans, who fought COPD for more than a decade, is also known for his “tax nicotine to the max” campaign to educate the government and the public of the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

Dans handled the careers of Leah Navarro, Noel Cabangon, Baihana, Lyn Sherman, Bituin Escalante, and Fourplay, among others, in addition to his work as a recording executive. For the past four decades, he has been credited with championing OPM.

A family friend, designer Eric Pineda, recounted how Dans entrusted him with the APO's wardrobe for many landmark shows, including "Dalawampu NAPO Sila," "APO Silver Down," and other concerts. 

“I would miss our long chats, he was a very cool and insightful man," said Pineda, who also coordinated the Dans' bridal attire for their silver wedding anniversary as well as their three children's weddings.

Cabangon also praised Dans' meticulous approach to his work, also jokingly stating that, with Danny Javier's retirement, he might be the next "APO" member. Cabangon and APO first collaborated in 1999, when APO performed his MetroPop Song Festival composition "Dito Sa Kanto." Dans was first and foremost a friend and barkada, he said.

The arrangements of his cremation, funeral, and online memorial are still being worked out by the Dans family. “People who served with my father all over the world are showering us with love,” Anton said. “We appreciate it. My father would like people to treasure his memories rather than miss him excessively.”


Pres. Duterte honors 'selfless and dedicated' frontliners in pandemic response


On Friday, President Duterte paid tribute to the “selfless and dedicated” front-line workers in the country's pandemic response, as well as the country's war veterans' heroism.

He said Araw ng Kagitingan was "a strong reminder of the Filipino's unyielding resolve to triumph over all kinds of hardship" in a video message aired on a state-run TV network.

According to Pres. Duterte that the efforts of the front-liners, represent the heroism shown by Filipinos who fought invaders in the past.

“As we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, we take a moment to honor the bravery of our selfless and dedicated front-line warriors, whose unwavering devotion in this fight represents the heroism of the Bataan warriors, who continue to inspire in us a deeper sense of patriotism and unity through these hard times,” he added.

The country's medical staff has been dealing with an influx of patients, and many of them have been infected with the virus.

“Today, we pay tribute to our fallen heroes, whose bravery solidified our determination to protect our most prized liberty. Let this awareness reverberate among us as we aspire to be worthy heirs to the country for which they fought and died,” he said.

Lord Allan Velasco, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, paid tribute to war veterans and modern-day heroes in the struggle against the raging pandemic, and urged Filipinos to do their utmost not to contribute to the burdens of health workers by remaining safe and following health precautions.

Velasco said in a statement that health-care personnel showed the same determination and courage as war veterans by risking their health and lives to help Filipinos suffering from the disease.


Filipina immigrant was randomly attacked in NYC, security guard shuts doors on her

On Monday, an elderly Filipina immigrant was randomly attacked in New York City's Midtown Manhattan, the latest in a series of racist assaults against Asian Americans.

According to the New York Police District (NYPD) investigation, the 65-year-old Filipino woman was walking along 360 West 43rd Street on Monday when an officer entered her and kicked her several times.

According to authorities that the attacker reportedly made "anti-Asian statements" to the woman while kicking her and shouting “You have no right to be here.”

Bystanders on the scene in a video shared online simply watched without intervening. A security guard from a house nearby, where the incident occurred, even refused to assist the woman and also shut the door behind her.

The victim, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital with several injuries and a broken pelvis. The perpetrator has yet to be identified, and authorities have pleaded to those with information to come forward.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York said the crime was becoming a national "epidemic" that "must end now."

There have also been many marches in support of Asian-American groups. New York mayoral candidates and the Reverend Al Sharpton, an outspoken Black rights leader, were among those who attended.


Policeman gives own bicycle, money to young vegetable vendor


A young vegetable vendor in Rosario, La Union is now in cloud nine after receiving a bicycle from a police trainee out of nowhere.

The bicycle was owned by Patrolman Joshua Ensano Dimaiwat. He had been using the bicycle for six months already as his mode  of transportation from his boarding house to their office.

When Dimaiwat had to leave the place, he thought of selling or bringing the bike home in his hometown. But unexpectedly, he decided to just give it to a young vegetable vendor so he can sell his products easily.

Aside from the bicycle, the police also gave financial assistance to the boy and his mother to  help them sustain their other necessities.

With this, many netizens applauded Dimaiwat for his generosity. Many hope that he will continue the goodness instilled to him as a policeman and as a person.

“Sir, salamat sa maganda mong ginawa. Pagpalain ka ng Diyos nawa’y malayo pa ang marating mo at saludo ako sa mga kagaya mo na matulungin sa kapwa, ramdam ang hirap ng kapwa!! God bless,” one of the netizens wrote.


Policemen grant young girl's wish to hug them and ride to their mobile


Another child became happiest on her birthday after some policemen granted her one of a kind wish which is to hug them and ride to their police mobile.

Based on the story posted in a Facebook page called "I love PNP," a young girl approached three policemen, Police Corporal l Ronnie Consuegra, Patrol Woman Julie Anne Baniaga, and Patrol Woman Gladys Niña Quimpo of PNP Station 3 Naga City Police Regional Office 5 (PRO5), last April 2, at around 6 pm.

The girl shared that it was her birthday that day and she wanted to hug the policemen and ride to their mobile to grant her simple wish.

With this, the policemen did not hesitate to hug the girl and allow her to ride on the police mobile together with her mother. 

They also brought her some foods from a fast-food chain to celebrate her special day.

Based on the pictures uploaded online, the girl looked happy for the policemen's kindness and generosity to fulfill her simple wish.

Netizens are now sending their appreciation and respect to the three policemen for what they did.

“Bilang ama ng isa ring PWD at bilang isa ring pulis, hayaan n’yo akong ipaabot sa inyo ang aking birtwal na pagsaludo sa ipinamalas ninyong kabutihang loob!” one of the netizens wrote.


50 young Filipino farmers to depart for Taiwan for agricultural internship and training program

50 Filipino farmers expected to be sent to Taiwan for one year for an agricultural internship program between Taiwan and the Philippines. Both countries enjoy healthy cooperation in the agricultural sector. 

The 50 young farmers from different parts of the Philippines, both male and female already participated in an orientation program for the project.

The farmers will begin to take their basic Mandarin language classes online which will be facilitated by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO).

The Filipino farmers will be accommodated in housing or facilities prepared by the host farmers and learn about local farming skills and technologies through classwork and fieldwork, including crop planting and animal husbandry once they arrived in Taiwan.

They will stay in Taiwan for one year and will receive allowances and an eventual deployment to Taiwan in June.

Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) chairman, Angelito Banayo, expressed his belief that the interns will learn a lot in Taiwan, praising the island for being able to export farm produce of excellent quality despite the limited available arable land.



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