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Jobs in Taiwan: Lingsen Precision Industries LTD. now hiring female factory workers

Company: Lingsen Precision Industries LTD.
Location: Taichung ,Taiwan
Products: Electronic Products
Job Position: Factory Workers
Salary: NT$23,800 + OT

Recruitment Agency: 
To apply, visit Everlast International Placement Inc. located at the 6/F (LW&RW) Rizal Towers 4474 Singian St. Makati City.

> Candidates must have at least Vocational Diploma/ Short Course Certificate
> The Job requires Female applicants only
> Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
> Female, Prefererably College lever or above
> Experience in Electronics background
> At least 153 cm above
> Good eyesight, No deaf problem, No tattoo

- Passport
- Birth Certificate
- Diploma
- E-Registration

About Lingsen Precision Industries LTD. :
 LPI has become a model company in Taiwan's semiconductor industry.

Furthermore, LPI's R&D and manufacturing team have become renowned for their quality production line and process reliability.

*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned recruitment agency.


Taiwan lists 2 new suspected case of virus in Penghu, patients came from Suzhou and Shanghai

Two women from Penghu, Taiwan traveled to China a few days ago. On the evening of the Jan 25th it is reported that they developed symptoms of cough and fever, they went to Penghu Hospital for treatment.

In the hospital, they reported suspected cases of Wuhan pneumonia virus. Specimens have been collected, and 2 people and related contacts were admitted in a isolation ward, ETToday reported.

The suspected case was an 11-year-old girl where from January 11 to 18 this year, they travelled in Suzhou and developed cough and fever of 38.7 degrees, as confirmed by Mayor Lai of Penghu.

The other one was a 38-year-old woman who had recently visited Shanghai and returned to for Lunar New Year in Taiwan thatbalso developed cough and fever.

Specimens have been collected and will be sent to Taipei for inspection with their families are also closely monitored.


Taiwan urged Chinese tourists to leave the country until the end of January, halts tours to China

In response to the epidemic in mainland China, the Taiwan authorities demanded that more than 6,000 local group tourists will leave the country at the end of this month (January).

At present, there are about 359 Chinese tour groups with a total of at least 6,500 people in Taiwan. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau require them to leave the country at the end of this month, and they will require travel agencies and tour guides to remind tour members to do their own epidemic prevention.

Officials from the Ministry of Health and Welfare also said that they would contact Taiwanese businessmen trapped in Wuhan to return to Taiwan through the MAC and SEF.

Three confirmed cases of new coronavirus have been found in Taiwan so far. Taiwan's Tourism Bureau has notified travel agencies to suspend their tours to China, CNA reported.


Taiwan fines coronavirus patient NT$300k, enters a dance club in Kaohsiung with no mask

A Taiwanese man who is infected with the new coronavirus will pay a penalty of NT$300,000 for not reporting his illness after returning home from Wuhan, China the ground zero of the virus.

The businessman, who arrived at Kaohsiung International Airport on Jan. 21 violates the Communicable Disease Control Act according to the Kaohsiung city government, Central News Agency reported.

The man is one of three people in Taiwan who had been diagnosed as suffering from the potentially deadly infection, which can cause pneumonia.

Before he was declared as a virus carrier, he visited a dance club in the southern Taiwan city the day after his return without wearing a face mask.

The dance club was closed this weekend and has begun disinfecting its premises, according to the local city government.


Jobs in Taiwan: Pegavision Corporation now hiring female factory workers

Company: Pegavision Corporation
Location: Taoyuan ,Taiwan
Products: manufactures and sells ophthalmic goods
Job Position: Factory Workers
Salary: NT$23,800 + OT

Recruitment Agency: 
To apply, visit Great One International Placement Agency Inc. located at 945 Padre Faura St. Cor. General Luna St. Ermita, Manila City.

> Age (21 years old and above)
> Female applicants only
> Must be 157 cm in height and above
> At least College level (minimum of 2 years)
> Must be hardworking
> Willing possess Good moral and right conduct
> Willing to finished Three (3) years Employment Contract
> No allergies
> With UMID and valid passport (more than a year)

About Pegavision Corporation:
Pegavision Corporation is subsidiary of Heshuo United Technologies and Jingshuo Technology.

The company mainly develops, manufactures and sells contact lenses and medical optical products.

*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned recruitment agency.


Hong Kong declares highest level of 'emergency' amid virus outbreak, cancels all visits to China

Hong Kong declared a mystery virus outbreak as an "emergency" on Saturday (Jan 25) and it is the city's highest warning tier.

Authorities in Hong Kong ramped up measures aimed at reducing the risk of further infections spreading.

"Today I declare the lifting of the response level to emergency," chief executive Carrie Lam told reporters.

Lam declared the impact of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak to be of the highest emergency response level, raising it from the previous status of “serious” to "emergency."

The new virus has caused alarm because of its similarity to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which killed nearly 650 people across mainland China and Hong Kong in 2002-2003.


Jobs in Taiwan: Yonyu Plastics CO., LTD. now hiring 50 male and 50 female factory workers

Company: Yonyu Plastics Corporation,LTD
Location: Tainan ,Taiwan
Products: Plastic Containers
Job Position: Factory Workers
Salary: NT$23,800 + OT

Recruitment Agency:
To apply, visit Japan Maruko International Agency at 14th FLR. DE LEON CENTER BLDG.1151 M.H DEL PILAR ST. COR. NUESTRA SRA. DE GUIA ST. ERMITA MANILA

Check below Job posts from Japan Maruko Agency:
> 20-30 years old (single only)
> 170cm above in height 70 kg below (male)
> 157cm above in height 65 kg below(female)
> College Graduate (not nursing grad)
> At least with related working experience
> Can speak and understand English
> First timer to work abroad
> Good in math
> 20/20 Vision no colorblind and no tattoo

- Original passport at least 2 years validity
- Unified ID (new sss id), 2pcs 2x2 pictures colored white background
- PSA birth certificate with receipt, Certificate of Employment and Peos certificate.

About Yonyu Plastics Corporation, LTD:
YONYU PLASTICS CO., LTD is a Taiwan-based company principally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of plastic products.

The Company's products include plastic containers, plastic closures, plastic tubes and cable fasteners.

*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned recruitment agency.

Basketball tournament held in Yilan that consists of OFW migrant fishermen and factory workers

A Lunar New Year mini basketball tournament was opened in Nanfang'ao in Yilan County which consists of Filipino migrant fishermen with hundreds of OFW gathering at local park, Central News Agency reported.

It is being held months after the bridge collapse in October 2019 that took the lives of six migrant fishermen.

"I hope this tournament will be played in remembrance of the fishermen who perished in the bridge collapse and in turn promote sportsmanship and camaraderie between the fishermen here in northern Taiwan" Nestor Mayo, MECO official told  CNA.

"It is the same idea now, because these migrant fishermen and workers come from different parts of the Philippines, but now through basketball they will be able to meet new friends or strengthen friendships while here in Taiwan," said Father Edward Pacquing, parish priest of Saint Christopher's Church in Taipei.

Usual tradition for Philippine basketball during opening is the parade of uniforms which a team will win best in uniform and best muse. (Photos CNA)


Doctor in China who examines the virus outbreak dies due to coronavirus

A doctor at a hospital in China’s Hubei province, the center of the coronavirus outbreak, has died from the virus, reported in a tweet by China Global Television Network.

Liang Wudong, a otolaryngologist at Hubei Xinhua Hospital who had been at the front line of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan city, died from the virus aged 62, it said.

The doctor was treating victims infected with the coronavirus amid further signs that the local health system has been overwhelmed by the outbreak.

Overworked staff in Wuhan have been on around-the-clock shifts, with some doctors seen collapsing from exhaustion amid the aggressive containment effort.

The Chinese health ministry ordered nationwide measures to identify and immediately isolate suspected cases of a deadly virus specifically on public places line trains, airplanes and buses.


Philippines suspends all flights to Wuhan, China; airports and seaports on strict monitoring

Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) on said it would indefinitely suspend all direct flights going to Wuhan, China due to the reported killer outbreak of novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV.

Only Royal Air Philippines and Pan Pacific Airlines have direct flights from Wuhan to Kalibo in Aklan, the Civil Aeronautics Board said that other flights from China will also be strictly monitored.

“Minarapat na suspendihin muna ang flights dun [Wuhan] kasi may flights na … sa Philippines so effective today suspendido lahat nung flights between Wuhan and Philippines,”  Lawyer Carmelo L. Arcilla, CAB director, said in an interview over dzMM.

Meanwhile, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) has implemented measures at the four terminals of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).


Receipt Lottery winning combination (11-12) of Taiwan announced, time to check those receipts

The winning numbers for the November-December (11-12 round) of the Taiwan receipt lottery were announced by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) including the lucky number for the NT$10 million special prize.

Check below for the winning combinations:

Winning number for the NT$10 million special  prize: 59647042

Winning number for the NT$2 million grand prize: 01260528

Winning numbers for the First Prize:
01616970, 69921388, 53451508

First prize for matching all digits earns NT$200,000 then right order or the last order number of seven digits can receive NT$40,000, six digits NT$10,000, five digits NT$4,000, four final digits in the right order NT$1,000, and with the three last numbers right NT$200.

Winning numbers for the additional prize of NT$200 matching the last three digits are:
710, 585, 633

Congratulations to all winners.

Man from Tacloban City, Leyte quarantined for suspected case of coronavirus from China

DOH Undersecretary Eric Domingo revealed that the suspected carrier of the disease worked in Wuhan City, the epicenter of the 2019-nCov outbreak, and arrived in Tacloban last Jan. 17, Philstar reported.

The 36-year-old man from Tacloban City is feared to have contracted the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and is currently at Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center (EVRMC), the Department of Health (DOH) said.

The man is now being investigated by DOH, considering him as the second “suspected case” of 2019-nCoV in the Philippines, after the Chinese boy in Cebu though tested negative after several check up and treatment.

“We have two suspect cases. One is the patient in Cebu – the first person under investigation (PUI) – and then we have another PUI in Region 8 (Tacloban),” Domingo said.

The man was manifesting fever and cough when he arrived in Tacloban from China. He is now under isolation at a hospital while waiting for laboratory tests.


Jobs in Taiwan: Innolux Corp now hiring 1,500 male and female factory workers

Company: Innolux Corporation
Location: Tainan ,Taiwan
Products: Electronic Products
Job Position: Factory Workers
Salary: NT$23,800 + OT

Recruitment Agency: 
Visit Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. located at the 2F Accent Tower Bldg. 33 Shorthorn St., Project 8, Quezon City, Manila

Check below Job posts from Jadegal agency

About Innolux Corporation:
As a supplier of TFT-LCD panels, Innolux Corporation has contributed greatly to enhancing the quality and product performance through its innovations in technology and production processes.

Innolux is committed to enhancing life's visual pleasures and to developing aesthetically designed display products.

*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned recruitment agency.


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