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Study: Being In A Good And Happy Relationship Makes You Fat

Based to a new study conducted at the University of Queensland in Australia that wives in good and happy relationships tends to gain weight. Being in a happy relationship has many positive effects to you and to your partner, except one, weight gain.

In the study, researchers have analyzed a decade of data from over 15,000 people and the concluded that couples in a happy relationship gains at least 5.8kg more than when they are single.

“Marriage (or de-facto relationships) comes with spousal obligations such as regular family meals,” according to researchers. 

“While they may include more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and less fast food, people often consume larger portion sizes and more calories in the company of others than they do alone, resulting in increased energy intake” they added.

They explained that marriage combined with sharing carry potential unhealthy behaviors eating, watching TV and drinking alcohol together as their findings continue.

The researchers only find less couple that eat more fruits and vegetables and according to couples that they do not need to watch or monitor their weight.

When you are really happy in your relationship, eating will be one of the habit you will take with your partners and without notice, extra pound in your weight is on.

Research: Travelling And New Experiences A Good Source Of Happiness

According to a study research which is conducted at Cornell University in New York purchasing what you want and travelling gives you a huge amount of happiness. Though travelling by experience supply you the happiness hormones for a long time.

Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at the private research university revealed it. Buying stuffs makes you happy but it expires, unlike travelling new experiences will make you experience happiness in the long run.

Adaptation is one of the enemies of happiness according to Dr. Gilovich. Experience is a bigger part of yourself than any of the material good and these travel experiences are part of who you are.

By travelling, it brings you to new place, new culture, new environment and everything around you feel more inspired and elevating. By enjoying the new place, your body and mind lose track of time as you are extreme enough absorbing new information.

Adopting to a new place will create happy and lasting memories which is hard to forget and replace. That is why travelling by experience bring you more happiness which is even more happier if you are with your family or loved ones.


Apple Considering To Lower Its Pricing For Better Sales Of Its Products

With the abundant of developing markets that undergone tremendous change in the last few years, smartphone makers shift focus on this developing countries. Other smartphone manufacturers are modifying strategies to prioritize this markets.

Apple is one product that is practically left out, with the brands like Xiaomi, Realme and One Plus have succeeded in better sales than Apple and South Korean giant Samsung.

Apple’s prices are considerably higher price tag compare to others. Apple CEO said it is planning to boost its manufacturing capacity and to open branded retail stores, with the decreased price of its recent iPhone products, it helps to increase its sales.

Apple can evade import duty to sell its products for a lower price by sourcing phones locally. Apple is currently improving its service like Apple Music and App store purchases.


Beauty Expert: Sperm or Semen Face Mask Brings Youthful Face

(image from Google)
According to Chelsee Lewis, a beauty expert and celebrity facialist, claims that desiring for a youthful face and revealed that her specific treatment is by using sperm or semen rubbed on faces.

Chelsee Lewis popularly known to work with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney. Lewis said that semen is one of many methods to enhance oxygen supply and aid blood circulation in facial tissue making the face to glow and slows down aging.

Semen or sperm is loaded with compound called spermine which is an antioxidant that helps the face in reducing wrinkles, it smoothen the facial skin and reduces facial acne and spots. 

She concluded that this kind of treatment gives an individual a healthier skin appearance.

Surely you want a youthful face, but putting a semen on your face is like not an ordinary task. Though are still other process to achieve a youthful face and having semen on your face is one option.


Hiker Captured A Shape Of A “Sleeping Dog” In The Hills Of New Taipei

If you closely, you will imagine a sleeping dog in form in the Hills found in the Taoyuan Valley of Gongga in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Nature right again awestruck different landscape photographers with this magnificent shape/symbol.

The photo has a caption of “Taoyuan Valley in northern Taiwan has a very large dog sleeping on its beautiful grassland”. Anyone will be fascinated just by looking that beautifully crafted by mother nature.

The photo is share through social media and different landscape community pages. Photographer Chenguang Xiang captioned it as the resemblance of the valley of the dog. Photo credit from Facebook (Ambition of Nobunaga).

There are still lots of different formations found I Taiwan from the different rock formations in Yehliu Geopark which is the home of the famous Queen’s Head, the Twin hearts stone in Penghu, the Elephant trunk rock in New Taipei and others.


Pinoy Guide: Where And How To Apply As Flight Attendant Or Cabin Crew In The Philippines

(Airasia cabin crew - Photo from Pinterest)
Here are some guide on how to apply for flight attendant or cabin crew in the Philippines, stated are airlines that accept walk in applicants, airlines for online application and recruitment / manpower agencies for international airlines and some basic requirements.

Airlines that accept walk in:
Cebu Pacific
Location: Domestic Road Terminal 4, Pasay City, Manila, weekdays at 09:00am to 11:00am, must be 2yr college graduate and age of 18yrs old and above

Airlines for online application, send resume at:
1. Philippine Airlines at

2. Air Asia Philippines at or or visit the site

3. Cebu Pacific at

There are only shortlisted applicants that can be called after sending resume online. If now called, try sending again your CV after 1 or 2 weeks passed.

List of manpower agencies for international airlines:
1. Industrial Personnel and Management Services, Inc. (Qatar Airways, Saudi Gulf Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Emirates Airlines’ cabin service assistant job)
2. STB-DJL Human Link Inc. (Oman Airline)
3. MEJA International Recruitment Agency (Oman Airline)
4. Al Miladi Global Manpower Service (Oman Airline)
5. Gold Icon Recruitment and Promotion Inc (Saudi Aramco Airline)
6. International Skill Development Inc (Nesma Airlines)
7. Missionway Manpower Service Inc (Airline not stated)
8. RPR International Recruitment Agency (Airline not stated)
9. Finas Manpower Agency (Airline not stated)

Do not forget to check online job portals like,,, LinkedIn and others which airlines like SkyJet and Airswift Airlines post their hiring.

Take note that only below airlines are available to apply for the position flight attendant or cabin crew in the Philippines:

  • Airasia (Male and Female)
  • Airswift Airlines(Male and Female)
  • Cebu Pacific Air (Male and Female)
  • Emirates CSA (Females only) 
  • Oman Air (Females only)
  • Panpacific Air (Females only)
  • Philippine Airlines Express (Male and Female)
  • Qatar Airways (Females only, male applicants can apply to any country abroad)
  • Royal Airlines (Male and Female)
  • Saudi Arabian / Saudia Airlines (Females only)
  • Saudigulf Airlines (Females only)
  • Skyjet Airlines (Male and Female)
(Photo from Facebook)
Be aware of the physical qualification of every airlines, basic requirements when applying walk in or in recruitment agencies are as follows:

  • Updated resume / Curriculum vitae
  • Photocopies of your valid passport
  • 4R pictures Whole Body in business attire (white and sky-blue background with or without blazers and hair must be tied up for ladies)
  • Passport size and/or 2x2 pictures
  • Photocopies of your documents like: Transcript of Record (TOR), Diploma, Trainings /Seminars certificates, Certificate of Employment/s (COE), Government issued identifications like UMID, SSS, Philhealth, Voter’s ID.

Information given credits to Facebook page “Become Flight Attendant Philippines”.

Too Much Working Overtime Can Cause Heart Failure And Diseases

In a study published by European Heart Journal, it is discovered that a person that works with too much overtime have more chances to have heart failure. Working for more than 8 hours per day is an unhealthy thing to live by.

The study has 85,000 respondents which were studied their behavior and working habits and around 1,000 respondents are diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. These 1,000 respondents has one thing in common, all of them work more than 8 hours a day.

Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition where a person has an irregular heart beat and mostly heart pumps faster. With this kind of heart condition, the people affected by it can have different heart diseases or even heart failure.

Arbitral fibrillation happens due to the natural electrical impulses that controls the heart’s normal and regular rhythm lose its coordination. If that happens, palpitation, dizziness and feeling breathless will occur due to the racing of irregular pulse.

In some cases, arbitral fibrillation has no symptoms at all but have the chance of having a stroke and must be treated right away. The study revealed that people who work for only 35-40 hours per week has no recorded case for arbitral fibrillation.

Those people who are working with the longest hours were more overweight, had higher blood pressure, smoked more and and consumed more alcohol.

Working is not bad at all but working too much of the basic working hours per day of 8 hours can cause a lot of health problems in our body. Well, some says that you only work overtime to have budget for medicine and vitamins for you to work in overtime.


Sony Mobile Steps Out Of The Philippine Market

Sony’s smartphone segment will exit several countries which include the Philippines as part on its business transformation, according to its latest corporate strategy day of the company.

With regions under the “non-focus and defocused regions” were Philippines, India, African regions, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East nations, South America and others.

Sony may not be as strong as other smartphone companies to bounce back from its smartphone segment volumes soon. Sony has reportedly closed its concept stores in different malls in the Philippines.

Sony is eyeing to make its mobile communication business profitable by 2020 through cutting its operations. Sony has been on decline in its smartphone segment in the last 5 years as Apple and Samsung still dominates.

PAL Opens 2 Million Independence Seats Sale

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) has opened a seat sale promo for local and international flights in celebration of the Independence Day in the Philippines.

The airline is offering super seat sale and discounts on international and domestic destinations from PAL's hubs in Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Davao with selling period from May 27 to June 2, 2019. 

Travel period for domestic flights from June 17, 2019 while international flights starts from June 24 and both up to November 30, 2019.

There are over 2million seat sale on the dates given according to PAL with domestic flights starts at Php399 and international flights starts at US$89 (estimate Php4,700) which are roundtrip basefare.

Always take note the terms and conditions of the seat sale, check and book your flights in the webpage if PAL.

List Of Airlines That Accept Applications Of Pinoy K-12 Graduates

The  visible aspects of a flight attendant or a cabin crew's job is the safety demonstrations and serve passengers, but this kind of position actually carries a considerable amount of responsibility. The main job resposibilities are passe ver comfort, different administrative duties, passenger safety and emergency assistance.

Below are some airline that accepts Filipino applicants that graduated the K-12 program

-Air Asia Philippines
-Qatar Airways
-Saudi Airlines
-Oman Air
-Saudi Gulf Airlines

If applying for the position of a flight attendant or cabin crew, you may visit the website of the mentioned airlines and find the career tab to apply, others shows an email addresses to send and others requires you to fill up and attach a document file.

Flight attendants spend their in-flight time serving to the comfort and needs of passengers, the first priority for flight attendants is seeing for everyone's safety and also take the lead in aiding passengers in case of emergencies.

Visit the Facebook page 'Become Flight Attendant Philippines' for more info.


Hot Pot (Shabu Shabu) Flavored Toothpaste Are On Demand

A Chinese toothpaste manufacturer with collaboration with hot pot (shabu shabu) chain Xiao Loi Kan released a limited edition spicy hot pot toothpaste as the demand by the consumers is high which the product going sold out within seconds it is released.

It takes only 11 seconds to sold out the product online which the toothpaste cost NT$135 (Php225) per tube. 

The toothpaste has three flavors which includes Sichuan slightly spicy, standard medium spicy and scandalously demented spicy.

According to Nanjing Medical University the product has no effect on our health but it was good for those who have sensitive gums or inflammation in the mouth, but if you are not a fan of spicy flavors avoid using it.

Netizens have different approach on the toothpaste, quoting one "After I brush with hot pot flavor, do I then need to brush again with another type of toothpaste?" and other one “"I thought it would be very hot and spicy. But when I tried the demented spicy flavor, I didn't think it was that spicy. When brushing, there is the faint smell of Sichuan peppercorns. Felt clean after brushing. There was no major smell in my mouth."


Top 10 Semiconductor Companies In The World For Q1 of 2019

Intel Corporation of US still tops the largest integrated circuit supplier in the world in the first quarter of 2019, according to the data released by market advisory firm IC Insights. The US based Intel, South Korean giant Samsung and reliable Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp completed the top 3.

Here are the top 10 well performing semiconductor companies in the world with their place of origin and their worth of sales:

1. Intel Corporation / Unites States (US$15.8 Billion)

2. Samsung Electronics Co. / South Korea (US$11.99 Billion)

3. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp / Taiwan (US$7.09 Billion)

4. SK Hynic Corp / South Korea (US$5.9 Billion)

5. Micron Technology Inc / United States (US$5.48 Billion)

6. Broadcom Inc / United States (US$3.94 Billion)

7. Qualcomm Inc / United States (US$3.72 Billion)

8. Texas Instruments / United States (US$3.2 Billion)

9. Toshiba Memory / Japan (US$2.36 Billion)

10. Infeneon Technologies / Germany (US$1.35 Billion)

Hisilicon Semiconductor, a subsidiary company of China based Huawei Technologies posted the highest sales and growth with 41% as it leap its position from 25th place to 14th place. Though according to IC Insights the revenue posted still fell by 16% combined from a year earlier.

Sleeping Too Much And Sleeping Too Little Are Risks Of Premature Death

According to the new research, sleeping too much and sleeping too little can increase the risk of premature death. The research came from China Medical University which the study is published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

The ideal range of sleep daily is 6.5 to 8 hours per day, sleeping more or sleeping less than the ideal range increases the risk of cardiovascular death.

In their study of 2,846 people conclude that those who slept less than 6 hours per day were likely to die from heart disease, while those who slept more than 8 hours daily likely to develop fatal heart disease, the study showed.

Those who sleep less may develop anxiety and arrhythmia where the condition increases the risk of heart attack and those who oversleep may suffer from depression or form of cerebrovascular disease.

Obesity had linked to poor sleep habits, people who both sleeping too little and sleeping too much were likely to be obese than those who sleep properly with the ideal range of time.

254 Same Sex Couples Registred For Same Sex Marriage In Taiwan

Same sex marriage in Taiwan is now legalize by approving all reading to made the bill, a total of 254 same sex couples are waiting in line to register at Taiwan’s government household affairs agencies around the country.

Taiwan is the first country in Asia to legalize same sex marriage as the country’s Ministry of the Interior started updating its household registration right after the passage of the law.

The 254 had made their reservation in different offices prior to the bill’s passage and this number will likely to go up when it will take effect by the 24thof May. Same sex marriage will be referred to as “spouses” but are listed as “same sex” couple in household registration.

Two same sex couples of same gender aged 18 years old and older can register for marriage and there must be at least 2 witnesses signing the registration documents. 

Registratiom, revocation and termination will be added to household registration system for same sex marriage.

Japanese Nationals Donated Cherry Blossom Seedlings In Baguio City

A group of Japanese nationals have donated 20 cherry blossom seedlings in a country club in Baguio City, these are the same cherry blossom or sakura that blooms in Japan during spring which is a kind of beauty which the cherry trees only bloom once a year.

Cherry blossom is one of the anticipated bloom in Japan and other countries like Korea, Taiwan and others as several tourist will travel and visit such countries to see its beauty. The Baguio Country Club received the donated cherry blossom seedlings by its member Maria Paz-Suzuki.

They bought sample of Baguio soil to test in Japan if the cherry blossom sidling can grow in the city and they learned that it is possible that the trees can grow in the cold climate of Baguio City.

Sakura trees are expected to mature around 3 to 5 years, as the country club aims to plant 100 cherry blossom trees, these trees only bloom for a week every year. These cherry trees symbolizes fragility of life in Japanese culture.

Taipei Selected As Best Leisure Destination In Asia

Taipei is selected as the best leisure destination in whole of Asia by Global Traveler for the second straight year as the award given to the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan in Los Angeles. Global Traveler is a popular American magazine that review different places.

American Magazine top 10 Rankings (Global Traveler):

1. Taipei (Taiwan)
2. Seoul (South Korea)
3. Singapore (Singapore)
4. Tokyo (Japan)
5. Phuket (Thailand)
6. Hong Kong (China)
7. Bangkok (Thailand)
8. Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
9. Osaka (Japan)
10. Bali (Indonesia)

The Global Traveler rank and pick the best leisure destination in each continent where Taipei, Taiwan in Asia, Nashville, Tennessee for North America, Bogota in Colombia for Latin America, Prague of Czech Republic in Europe and Botswana for Africa.

Pinoy K12 Graduates Qualified To Apply As Flight Attendant Or Cabin Crew

Image from Facebook

A positive note for K12 graduates, according to a Facebook post from “Become a Flight Attendant Philippines”, anyone can apply who completes the requirement as a flight attendant or cabin crew to be a part of selected airlines in the country within 2019.

It also states that you can apply even you are a high school graduate specifically K-12 senior high school graduate. Height requirement which is proportional to weight is a must to all applicants and with good looking personality is a plus. Educational attainment must be at least 2years in college or finishes the K12 Senior HS and single.

Starting salary of flight attendants or cabin crew ranges from Php18,000 to Php26,000 and it will can go up to Php36,000 to Php54,000 depends on working experience and training, according to Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

A surplus of travelling the world in different countries is surely a good benefit. To all interested and to learn more, search and visit the Facebook page of “Become a Flight Attendant Philippines”.

Below are some airline that accepts Filipino applicants that graduated the K-12 program
-Air Asia Philippines
-Qatar Airways
-Saudi Airlines
-Oman Air
-Saudi Gulf Airlines

Though flag carrier Philippine Airlines only accept 4 year graduates while Cebu Pacific accepst 2 year course graduate. Applicants may visit their respective websites and look for careers or visit recruitment agencies that accept applicant on the above mention airlines.

Update 8/22.19: The page 'Become Flight Attendant Philippines' is somehow vanished, the new page is 'World Aviation Philippines For Future Flight Attendant Aspirants'


Taiwan Legalize Same Sex Marriage, First In Asia

Taiwan will go down in history as the first country in Asia to legalize same sex marriage after the majority of lawmakers voted to pass the cabinet-sponsored bill of same gender the right to get married. The bill titled Enforcement Act of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748 passed the legislative floor on May 17, 2019 at 3:30pm.

This new law of Taiwan will take effect on May 24th that will allow same gender couples of 18 years old and above to register for marriage. There must be at least two witnesses signing the registration document.

Under the law, both partners will be allowed to adopt the biological children of the other, but a non-biological children who had been adopted by the other before the marriage cannot be adopted by the other partner.

However, lawmakers are against on the cabinet’s bill to allow transnational same sex couples from any country to get married in Taiwan, therefore the law only covers for Taiwanese same gender couples. The marriage of transnational couple is governed by the law of engaging countries.

In that act, a Taiwanese national cannot legally recognize or marry a foreign transnational from a country where same sex marriage is not legal.

Japan Embassy In Manila Accepts Scholarships For College

The Japanese Embassy in Manila is accepting applications for scholarship for incoming college and graduate students. The scholarship includes subsidies for several courses and fields mainly in social sciences and humanities and natural science.

The program fall under the 2020 program of the embassy that provides educational assistance. Prerequisites of the scholarship are good academic standing in 3 major subjects which are Mathematics, Science and Technology and English.

The scholarship is divided into 3 categories:
1. Undergraduate
2. Specialized Training College
3. College of technology

The scholarship for Filipinos is to aim for further ties with the Philippines and to share its culture. Applicants should be 35years old and below.

Graduate students may apply for Research Student Scholarship that must match you undergraduate degree. Other scholarship program includes Japanese Studies Scholarship that requires undergraduate degree of Japanese Studies and Teacher Training Scholarship that are currently working as teachers.

Deadline of submission of scholarship application will be on May 31, 2019. Visit the Japanese Embassy for application or attend the scholarship consultation at JICC Library every Friday.

Visit below site for more details:

Smartphone App Developed To Identify Common Drugs And Medicines In Taiwan

With some medicines have similar appearances, National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan have developed an smartphone application called “IAGIA Pharmacist” that helps user to identify medical drugs and medicine by capturing a photograph.

The developer of the application is a professor of family medicine that will help to identify around 400 commonly used medical drugs and medications. Most medicines are similar in size and appearance which can mislead people with the wrong medication.

The developer namely Chen Yu-chun, spent three years in developing the medication identification application and have acquired patent for the invention.

There are total of 8000 images of medicines stored in cloud data bank for the application and can identify 90% of home care medications with 95% accuracy rate. The application is available in Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Malay language to help foreign caregivers.

Taiwan International Balloon Festival Takes Off In Taitung

The Eastern Taiwan’s 2019 Taitung International Balloon Festival will start on June 29 in Luye Township, Taitung County. The event will have added week making it a 45 day event for the extravagant occasion of the summer in Taiwan.

From 38 days, the added 1 week of Taiwan International Balloon Festival will help to attract more tourism in the region that will help the devastated earthquake in Hualien. The festival will run from June 29 up to August 12, locals and tourist can make a lot of time to come to the said event.

The festival will also have some music concerts and other exhibitions that visitors can enjoy different hot air balloon themes in six different nights. For more information about the event, you may visit the official website.

Taiwan International Balloon festival in Taitung is listed as one of the top 12 Amazing Hot Air Balloon Festivals in the world, ranked by Travel Channel. With different shapes, sizes and other popular characters will shape up the night of the festival.

Taiwan Rolls Out Free Luggage Delivery Service To Hotels

Taiwan’s Taoyuan City rolls out the first free luggage delivery service to designated hotels from Taoyuan International Airport for the international tourists visiting the country. This will be the first time that the nation will provide this kind of service and to attract more tourists.

Any tourists who want to avail the free luggage service must register and make an online reservation and fill out information for their luggage according to Taoyuan’s Department of Tourism.

Their luggage will take to Taiwan Pelican Express service counters located in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the airport together with the luggage barcode and reservation record. There is only one luggage per person that can avail the free service.

Luggage must be checked before 2pm as the it will arrive in their respective hotels before 7pm of the same day. For the meantime, the service is limited to 30 hotels and perform trial operation of 3500 luggage and the service is looking to expand ones the trial operations are successful

The 30 Hotels are:


Taiwan ranked 17th in the list of Richest Country in the world, Philippines ranks 118th

In the report released by Global Finance Magazine, Taiwan ranked as the 17th richest country in the world. The report entitled “The World’s Richest and Poorest Countries 2019” where 191 countries were ranked based on relative levels of wealth and poverty. Philippines ranked at 118th in the list.

The ranking was based on per capita income and adjusted for purchasing power. Qatar tops the list of richest countries followed by Macau on 2nd spot the Luxembourg on the 3rd spot, then Singapore and Brunei respectively to round off the top 5.

As Taiwan ranked in the 17th richest country, ahead of Taiwan are Ireland, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Hong Kong for the 6th to 10th spots, followed by Switzerland, United States, San Marino, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Iceland for the 11th to 16th place. The last 13 countries out of the 191 are all from Africa.

Per capita income and purchasing power parity are the main factors in inflation rates, price of goods and services, as Global Finance gathered all data to rank all 191 countries.

Filipinos Require To Plant Trees As Per Presidential Decree

If the Philippine law is truly enforceable, probably there will be a lot of trees where more abundant natural resources , forest resources. In the Executive Order No. 287 repealing Presidential Decree No. 1153, entitled, "Requiring the planting of one tree every month for five consecutive years by every citizen of the Philippines".

This law will surely prevent floods, droughts, erosion and sedimentation that will increase the needed daily water supply and generate power, expands farm productivity and others.

Written are as follows in found in the sections of this law:

1. It is the duty and obligation of every Filipino to conserve and develop resources of the country

2. Every Filipino citizen aged 10 years and above should plant 1 tree every month for 5 consecutive year

3. Planting can do in lots owned by your family, public grounds and public domain designated by the presidential council for forest ecosystem management

4. Planted trees should be fruit bearing, shade, ornamental or forest trees

5. Anyone violate this decree shall be punished or fined

Enforce this decree and Philippines will surely blossom.

Philvolcs Continue To Monitor For A Possible Magnitude 8 Earthquake

In a released report, the Philippine Volcanology and Seismology or Philvolcs said that it continues to monitor the movement of the ground for a possible earthquake with a strong magnitude 8 after the several aftershocks that Philippines encountered in the past days.

The director of Philvolcs noted that they have recorded a massive 673 aftershocks that could lead to scenario of magnitude 8 could happen if the another earthquake with magnitude 5 and several aftershocks happens.

Though Philvolcs has not yet seen a pattern leading to the massive magnitude 8 earthquake, but the agency will still continue to tightly monitor every movement. The agency are checking every movement of either the earthquake and tsunami, as of now there are no patterns but sometime a big reading pops up.

The Philvolcs director advised everyone to be aware of the happenings and always be prepared and stay safe.

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