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254 Same Sex Couples Registred For Same Sex Marriage In Taiwan

Same sex marriage in Taiwan is now legalize by approving all reading to made the bill, a total of 254 same sex couples are waiting in line to register at Taiwan’s government household affairs agencies around the country.

Taiwan is the first country in Asia to legalize same sex marriage as the country’s Ministry of the Interior started updating its household registration right after the passage of the law.

The 254 had made their reservation in different offices prior to the bill’s passage and this number will likely to go up when it will take effect by the 24thof May. Same sex marriage will be referred to as “spouses” but are listed as “same sex” couple in household registration.

Two same sex couples of same gender aged 18 years old and older can register for marriage and there must be at least 2 witnesses signing the registration documents. 

Registratiom, revocation and termination will be added to household registration system for same sex marriage.

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