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Coffee Considered As Endangered Due To Climate Change

The fact that our favorite drink of all time, coffee, is somehow being endangered and will be soon to diminish due to the world problem due to the effect of climate change. This is according to a study in United Kingdom that they listed and considered coffee as endangered.

Scientists from Royal Botanic garden in UK shows that 60 percent of all the 124 known species of coffee in the world are facing extinction due to climate change that the main problem is deforestation.

Popular coffee species and the all known Arabica coffee that supplies the 70 percent of coffee in the world is now extinct. Arabica is very difficult to grow and it cannot stand and unable to survive the heat and droughts of climate change.

Studies are looking at wild coffee resources that can be the key to the long term sustainability of coffee industry, particularly those that are harvested in tropical countries. Losing this kinds of coffee will take a huge blow in the world’s coffee production.

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