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Filipinos Require To Plant Trees As Per Presidential Decree

If the Philippine law is truly enforceable, probably there will be a lot of trees where more abundant natural resources , forest resources. In the Executive Order No. 287 repealing Presidential Decree No. 1153, entitled, "Requiring the planting of one tree every month for five consecutive years by every citizen of the Philippines".

This law will surely prevent floods, droughts, erosion and sedimentation that will increase the needed daily water supply and generate power, expands farm productivity and others.

Written are as follows in found in the sections of this law:

1. It is the duty and obligation of every Filipino to conserve and develop resources of the country

2. Every Filipino citizen aged 10 years and above should plant 1 tree every month for 5 consecutive year

3. Planting can do in lots owned by your family, public grounds and public domain designated by the presidential council for forest ecosystem management

4. Planted trees should be fruit bearing, shade, ornamental or forest trees

5. Anyone violate this decree shall be punished or fined

Enforce this decree and Philippines will surely blossom.

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