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Hiker Captured A Shape Of A “Sleeping Dog” In The Hills Of New Taipei

If you closely, you will imagine a sleeping dog in form in the Hills found in the Taoyuan Valley of Gongga in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Nature right again awestruck different landscape photographers with this magnificent shape/symbol.

The photo has a caption of “Taoyuan Valley in northern Taiwan has a very large dog sleeping on its beautiful grassland”. Anyone will be fascinated just by looking that beautifully crafted by mother nature.

The photo is share through social media and different landscape community pages. Photographer Chenguang Xiang captioned it as the resemblance of the valley of the dog. Photo credit from Facebook (Ambition of Nobunaga).

There are still lots of different formations found I Taiwan from the different rock formations in Yehliu Geopark which is the home of the famous Queen’s Head, the Twin hearts stone in Penghu, the Elephant trunk rock in New Taipei and others.


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