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Japan Embassy In Manila Accepts Scholarships For College

The Japanese Embassy in Manila is accepting applications for scholarship for incoming college and graduate students. The scholarship includes subsidies for several courses and fields mainly in social sciences and humanities and natural science.

The program fall under the 2020 program of the embassy that provides educational assistance. Prerequisites of the scholarship are good academic standing in 3 major subjects which are Mathematics, Science and Technology and English.

The scholarship is divided into 3 categories:
1. Undergraduate
2. Specialized Training College
3. College of technology

The scholarship for Filipinos is to aim for further ties with the Philippines and to share its culture. Applicants should be 35years old and below.

Graduate students may apply for Research Student Scholarship that must match you undergraduate degree. Other scholarship program includes Japanese Studies Scholarship that requires undergraduate degree of Japanese Studies and Teacher Training Scholarship that are currently working as teachers.

Deadline of submission of scholarship application will be on May 31, 2019. Visit the Japanese Embassy for application or attend the scholarship consultation at JICC Library every Friday.

Visit below site for more details:

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