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Japan To Recruit 50,000 Filipinos As Resident Visa Eases

The new program of the Japanese government that eases the working visas of its foreign laborers that will create new residence status while working in Japan. The range of working in Japan will extended up to 5years as the new rules will finalize much sooner.

With this, a mere 50,000 workers from the Philippines will be recruited in a span of 5-6years as the new program will lift the ban on manual labors, foreign workers will work in the industry of care work / hospitality, farming, construction and ship building.

It is reportedly that Japan government is hiring a mass 350,000 of total foreign workers to resolve the issue of its labor shortage and aging society. From small to medium sized enterprises needed manpower to continue business and willingly to accept foreign workers.

“While we are waiting for the rules and regulations of this new scheme to be released, I personally estimate more than 50,000 workers from the Philippines will come to work in Japan with this new work permit by 2025.” quoted from ambassador Koji Haneda.

The application process or specific opportunities still has no details released yet, the process will be announced when the new rules are approved and it will all probably under POEA which will do the government to government program.


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