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Philvolcs Continue To Monitor For A Possible Magnitude 8 Earthquake

In a released report, the Philippine Volcanology and Seismology or Philvolcs said that it continues to monitor the movement of the ground for a possible earthquake with a strong magnitude 8 after the several aftershocks that Philippines encountered in the past days.

The director of Philvolcs noted that they have recorded a massive 673 aftershocks that could lead to scenario of magnitude 8 could happen if the another earthquake with magnitude 5 and several aftershocks happens.

Though Philvolcs has not yet seen a pattern leading to the massive magnitude 8 earthquake, but the agency will still continue to tightly monitor every movement. The agency are checking every movement of either the earthquake and tsunami, as of now there are no patterns but sometime a big reading pops up.

The Philvolcs director advised everyone to be aware of the happenings and always be prepared and stay safe.

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